883.114 Liquors/12

The Chargé in Egypt (Winship) to the Secretary of State

No. 259

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of instruction No. 355, dated February 23, 1928, file 883.114/29,36 and to report that notwithstanding the fact that the Ministry for Foreign Affairs has renewed its appeal to this Legation for its consent to extending to the hours from sunset to sunrise the privilege of searching the domiciles of its nationals for the purpose of facilitating the task of the agents of the Department of Excises of the Egyptian Ministry of Finance in the investigation of premises under suspicion of concealing illegal distilleries, this Legation has not conveyed the American Government’s consent, as France, Italy, and Greece have withheld their consent. The notes from the Foreign Office were acknowledged, stating that the matter had been referred to the Department of State for a decision.

I understand that Great Britain has accepted the above proposal with the reservation that the British Consular Officers should be informed in advance in each case and a representative of a British Consulate should be present.

The French Minister informs me that the French law forbids, even in France, except in the case of “flagrant délit” perquisitions under the circumstances mentioned, and that the French Legation has informed the Egyptian Government that it cannot give satisfaction on this point as it would be an infringement of a national law.

I am also informed by the Italian Minister, and the Greek Chargé d’Affaires that they have replied in a similar manner to the request from the Foreign Office.

I am submitting these decisions of the other Powers, and should appreciate a further instruction as to what the Legation should reply to the Foreign Office.

I have [etc.]

North Winship
  1. Changed to “883.114 Liquors/11.”