The Chargé in Egypt (Winship) to the Secretary of State

No. 203

Sir: I have the honor to refer to Instruction number 326, dated August 29, 1927, file 883.12/32, with respect to the desire of the American Government to be represented on the International Quarantine Board at Alexandria, Egypt.

At the time it was found that nothing had been done in this connection by the Legation, and I began a detailed study of the matter in which I was assisted by Mr. Geist and Major Thomson, President of the Sanitary Council of Maritime Quarantine of Egypt. There was considerable delay, owing to Major Thomson’s absence from the country, and it will also be remembered that the Prime Minister, who in the present Cabinet is also Minister of the Interior, was in Europe until the latter part of November.

On December 28th I saw the Prime Minister in this connection and left with him an Aide Memoire covering fully the American Government’s request, supported by tables of statistics, which he promised to study.

On February 16th, having heard nothing further in this matter, I addressed another note to the Prime Minister, renewing the request mentioned above, and several days later I saw him and he assured me that the Egyptian Government had taken a definite decision in the matter and that America would be granted representation on the International Quarantine Board at Alexandria but that it might take some time for it to go through. I feel that this is encouraging and that the above request will be granted within a reasonable time.

I have [etc.]

North Winship