883.05/266: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Egypt (Winship)

3. Department cannot recommend to the President acceptance of proposals regarding reorganization and enlarged jurisdiction of Mixed Courts until it has received full text of circular note and has given matter appropriate consideration. In any such consideration it would wish to have before it the carefully considered views of the American judges on the courts. You should therefore request Judges Brinton and Henry to give you a written expression of their views for transmission to the Department which will address a similar request to Judge Crabites now in this country. You should also endeavor to obtain and submit any views which representative Americans residing in Egypt may care to express.

You should inform Egyptian Government that your Government will be pleased to consider proposals in a sympathetic and helpful manner and that should it later appear desirable to hold in Cairo an international conference to discuss the question your Government will be pleased to send delegates. The date suggested, i. e. February next, would, however, appear to be too early to permit this Government properly to study the question and to instruct its delegates.