The Danish Minister (Brun) to the Secretary of State

J. No. 3.J.a/1 (3)
No. 152

Sir: With regard to the extension of the privilege of free importation to Danish and American Consular officers in the country of the other, the American Chargé d’affaires a.i. at Copenhagen on April 25, 1928, at your direction, addressed to the Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs a note of which a copy is herewith enclosed.23

In the last paragraph of this note it is stated that on the basis of the most favored nation clause in the Treaty between Denmark and the United States, the American Government is prepared to extend to Danish Consular officers the privileges of Article 27 of the Treaty with Germany, provided similar treatment is accorded American Consular officers assigned to Denmark.

In order to be able to examine and reply to this proposition, it would be necessary for the Danish Government to learn, how the said Article 27 of the Treaty with Germany should be interpreted with regard to importations other than, “all furniture, equipment and supplies intended for official use in the consular offices.” The description used in the said article with regard to these other importations is as follows: “the privilege of entry free of duty of their baggage [Page 738] and all other personal property, whether accompanying the officer to his post or imported at any time during his encumbency thereof”.

The question arises whether the expression “all other personal property” is to be understood to include all articles or commodities of whatsoever kind intended for their personal use or for the use of the members of their household and suites, as is the case with regard to diplomatic officers, or whether it is to be understood to refer only to such articles as furniture, household goods and personal effects, but not to include articles of consumption or similar things.

In these circumstances I have the honor to ask you to be so good as to advise me, how the expressions referred to above should be understood in the proposed agreement between the Danish and American Governments.

I have [etc.]

C. Brun
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