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The Canadian Chargé (Wrong) to the Secretary of State

No. 143

Sir: I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of your note of September 17th. 1928, in which you were good enough to inform [Page 7] me of the acceptance by the Government of the United States of the reciprocal undertaking, concerning the exemption from taxation in Canada and the United States of the income of vessels of foreign registry, which I had suggested to you in my note Number 117 of August 2nd. 1928. It gives me pleasure to inform you that instructions are being issued by the Minister of National Revenue to the Inspectors of Income Tax to give effect to the terms of this agreement in so far as the Dominion of Canada is concerned. His Majesty’s Government in Canada further considers that the exchange of notes which has now taken place constitutes a sufficient record of the agreement of the two Governments.

I have [etc.]

H. H. Wrong