842.612 Peaches/32

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Canada (Phillips)

No. 183

Sir: On June 11, 1927 the Department instructed the American Consul General at Ottawa to take up with the appropriate Canadian authorities the matter of an embargo against the importation into Canada of fresh peaches and peach nursery stock from certain States of the United States and to endeavor to bring about a removal of this embargo.

Through the efforts of the Consulate General, the Canadian Government was persuaded to remove the embargo from all of Canada except the two Provinces which grow peaches, namely British Columbia and Ontario. Reference is made in this regard to Mr. Newsom’s despatch No. 61 of August 18, 1927,72 transmitting a copy of the Order-in-Council of August 11 incorporating the above mentioned changes.

Senator Harris wrote the Department on March 10, 1928,73 referring to the efforts made last summer to bring about a removal of this embargo and inquiring whether it would be possible to obtain at this time a removal of the embargo against the importation of American peaches into the Province of Ontario.

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The Department desires that you take up this matter with the appropriate Canadian authorities and that you ascertain whether they would be disposed to remove this embargo from the Province of Ontario. It is considered desirable that you and the Consul General at Ottawa cooperate in this regard on account of the fact that the Consul General had a part in the discussions on this subject last year and that there is a considerable file on this subject in the Consulate General.

As of possible assistance to you in making representations on this subject, there is enclosed a copy of a letter dated August 6, 1927, from the Department of Agriculture in regard to this embargo.74 It is desired that you submit an early report on the results of your representations on this subject.

I am [etc.]

For the Secretary of State:
W. R. Castle, Jr.
  1. Not printed; see telegram of Aug. 13, 1927, noon, from the Consul General at Ottawa, supra.
  2. Letter not printed.
  3. Not printed.