821.6363 Barco/118: Telegram

The Minister in Colombia (Piles) to the Secretary of State


61. Department’s telegram No. 39, July 23, noon. I concur fully in the opinions expressed in Matthews’ telegram, especially as to the action, if any, which is likely to result from presentation of the note.

Mr. Stabler informed the Colombian Government that if it failed to come to an agreement with him, no further direct negotiations with the company would ensue. If the company’s position is to be maintained, and if Matthews’ interpretation of the Department’s position, as set forth in Department’s telegram No. 33, July 3, 3 p.m., is correct, it is my opinion that we should diplomatically, but firmly, insist that the expropriation decree be revoked and the concession returned within a specified time. This is particularly important, as the Minister of Industry told Messrs. Stabler and Folsom, as they informed me, that in its present form Bravo’s decree of expropriation is not sustainable in court.

The representatives of the company here concur fully in the above.