821.6363 Barco/113: Telegram

The Minister in Colombia (Piles) to the Secretary of State


59. The Department’s telegram No. 37, July 16, 12 noon. The President agrees that recourse cannot be had to the courts unless the expropriation decree is confirmed. He said that he had no desire to damage the company but earnestly wished to bring about a satisfactory settlement if this could be done; that the Minister of Industry had promised to submit to him and to take up with Mr. Folsom not later than next week the Minister’s rulings, propositions, etc., looking to a prompt adjustment of all matters; that if a settlement could not be reached, the questions at issue would then be decided so as to permit the Council of State to assume jurisdiction. The President was hopeful of a settlement being reached.

Mr. Folsom informed me that the Council of State could have no jurisdiction in the matter whatsoever.