821.6363 Barco/87: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Colombia (Piles)


16. Your telegram No. 24, April 1, 11 a.m. The officials of the companies concerned here have expressed their gratification at the indications of progress in the Barco matter. They say that their Bogotá representatives, Messrs. Anderson and Folsom, or either of them, are fully authorized to deal with any phase of this matter, and may be consulted in the fullest confidence. The companies feel that, considering the nature of the questions which the Colombian Government might raise, progress would be greatly facilitated through direct contact between their representatives and Colombian officials. The companies are prepared to work for a settlement with the greatest despatch and preserving complete confidence.

Possibly you could facilitate an amicable adjustment by bringing the Colombian authorities and the companies’ representatives together. You will appreciate that the interest of the Department in the matter is limited to its desire to protect the American interests involved from any possible violation of their legal rights. No responsibility can be [Page 614] assumed either by the Department or you for negotiations of a purely business character, and you should avoid participating in discussions of royalty bases, problems as to disputed boundaries, et cetera. If the company, to facilitate the matter of adjustment, should contemplate any change in the terms of the concession or otherwise, the details of such modifications should be adjusted by negotiations between the companies’ representatives and the Colombian authorities.