821.6363 Barco/86: Telegram

The Minister in Colombia (Piles) to the Secretary of State


24. The Foreign Minister informed me that the President was willing to settle the Barco controversy through him and me as soon as possible, that he had no proposition to make but desired the company to submit to me through the Department its best proposal … Immediate action, therefore, is highly desirable. I think that the Colombian Government will rely largely upon what I say, so I hope that the company will make offer as liberal as it consistently can. Until a settlement is concluded the strictest confidence must be maintained. It is hoped, therefore, that the Department will seriously impress upon the company the necessity of seeing that there be no leak here or elsewhere [Page 613] of a pending settlement as publicity probably would be disastrous. Please cable the name of the company’s representative here with whom I may consult in strict confidence. I have not said a word to anyone so far.