The Consul General at Canton (Jenkins) to the Minister in China (MacMurray)66

No. 680

Sir: I have the honor to refer to Consul Huston’s despatch of March 16, 1928,67 concerning a newspaper report respecting the promulgation by the local authorities of regulations affecting Chinese seeking dual nationality, and to enclose a translation of a despatch dated March 24, 1928, from the Commissioner of Foreign Affairs at Canton. It will be observed that this despatch quotes a recent decision of the Political Council and encloses certain provisional regulations in regard to the status of Chinese seeking or enjoying foreign nationality. These appear to be identical with the text forwarded in Consul Huston’s despatch.

This Consulate General will take no action in this matter pending the receipt of instructions from either the Department or the Legation.

I have [etc.]

Douglas Jenkins

The Chinese Commissioner of Foreign Affairs at Canton (Chu Chao Hsin) to the American Consul in Charge at Canton (Huston)

Sir: In connection with certain provisional regulations submitted by me respecting certificates of expatriation, I have the honor to advise you that I am in receipt of a communication from the Canton Branch of the Political Council to the following effect:

“Adverting to the report that while Chinese, either born in foreign countries or holding a foreign citizenship, are often found to seek for benefit of their own by taking advantage of a dual citizenship, pending the promulgation of the law ruling citizenship by the Nationalist Government, for prevention of taking such citizenship and of diplomatic complications therefor, it is imperative to draw up some provisional regulations to rule the issuance of such certificates in order to facilitate recognition and check against this corrupt practice, the Commissioner concerned is hereby notified that the regulations in question have been revised and passed at the 86th Session of this Council. For information, a copy of the said document is enclosed herewith.”

[Page 582]

Besides writing to the Commissioners of Foreign Affairs at Kiungchow, Swatow and for Yamchow, Limchow and Luichow Area, I have the honor to send a copy of the regulations for your information.

With compliments.

Chu Chao Hsin

Chinese Provisional Regulations Governing the Issuance of Certificates of Expatriation in Kwangtung and Kwangsi Provinces

Certificates of Expatriation will be issued by the Office of Foreign Affairs for Canton.
The Consuls of the Foreign Powers at various places shall be notified by the Commissioner of Foreign Affairs for Canton that Chinese claiming foreign citizenship shall not be permitted to apply for registration at foreign consulates without the production of a certificate of expatriation.
Chinese, who have been given the certificate to take a foreign citizenship, are only permitted to trade in treaty ports, and must dispose at once of their property, if any, in the interior, so as to prevent trouble that may arise from the Treaty under which they are entitled to certain special rights.
A list showing persons, who have been given the certificates of Expatriation to apply for foreign citizenship, should be made out monthly by the Office of Foreign Affairs for Canton for information of the Provincial Government and that of the various official organs.
Certificates of this sort, applied for by persons at the Foreign Bureau at Chao Mei District, Kiungchow Island and for Yam Chow, Lim Chow and Lui Chow Area shall be issued by the Office of Foreign Affairs for Canton for unification of matter. The Consuls of the various Powders at different ports can apply for such certificates on behalf of the applicants concerned.
These regulations shall be applied to the issuance of such certificates in Kwangsi Province.
These regulations shall be effected on the date of approval of the Canton Branch of the Political Council.
  1. Copy transmitted to the Department by the consul general in his despatch No. 1104, Apr. 7; received May 7.
  2. Not printed.