893.42/234: Telegram

The Chargé in China (Perkins) to the Secretary of State

700. Legation’s 627, August 14, 7 p.m.

Press reports indicate early arrival and assumption of office by Lo Chia-lun as president of Tsing Hua College.
The Department’s authorization is requested for the payment to Lo of the August remission check as soon as the Legation shall have been informed in writing by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Nationalist Government that Lo’s appointment has actually been made effective and has been requested to make such payment to Lo as president.
The Department’s authorization is further requested for the payment of subsequent remission checks in the same manner.
The affairs of Tsing Hua College are at present obscure owing to a struggle which is taking place among several groups to obtain control of the institution. Lo’s appointment is said to be resented by the alumni who desire that the president shall not be selected politically, but by the Board of Directors. Recently a group of students living at the college during the summer have forced, by intimidation, the resignation of several professors. Ostensibly this action was motivated by a desire to “reform” the institution and to bring it more into line with the principles of the Kuomintang Party. Kuo Min news item, however, alleges that it was the outcome of a bargain between Lo and the students who desire to avoid the postponed June examinations and to obtain Lo’s promise that they will be sent to the United States for study. Mail despatch following.
As soon as the situation becomes more stabilized, the Legation will endeavor to report as to the utilization of funds as instructed in the Department’s 201, June 21 [23], 5 [2] p.m.