693.003/812: Telegram

The Chargé in China (Mayer) to the Secretary of State

170. Following from Shanghai:

“59, March 15, 8 p.m. Today’s foreign press published Kuo Min News Agency report of regulations promulgated by Government counsel yesterday and immediately effective in reference to duties of National Tariff Committee of Nationalist Government. These regulations inter alia contain following provisions:

  • ‘Article 1. This committee created for the purpose of hastening and realizing tariff autonomy shall be known as the National Tariff Committee.
  • Article 2. The committee shall consist of a limited number of members to be appointed by the Nationalist Government. The Ministers of Finance, Foreign Affairs, Industry and Commerce, Communications, and the directors of the Auditing Department and the Customs Administration being members of the committee ipso facto.
  • Article 3. The committee shall be presided over by a chairman, with the Minister of Finance concurrently acting as such.
  • Article 4. The committee shall establish three sections, etc.:
    The first section shall take charge of the nationalist [national] tariff schedule; the revision of the tariff schedule; and all affairs not pertaining to these conditions [the second] and third section[s].
    The second section shall take charge of reorganization of the national loans; and abolition of likin and increase of the tariff.
    The third section shall take charge of tariff policy; deposit of the cash loans reserved; and all matters relating to the organization and regulations of the Custom Administration.
  • Article 5. All resolutions of the committee shall be executed upon approval by the Nationalist Government.
  • Article 6. The committee shall be authorized to invite explain [invite and engage] such Chinese and foreign tariff experts as may be needed to form [a] technical committee to investigate and discuss various technical matters as they may arise. Members of the technical committee whenever called upon for consultation may attend meetings of the members of the committee to explain their recommendations.
  • Article 7. The committee shall appoint a private secretary and other secretaries and staff member[s] as may be required.’”

  1. Telegram in two sections.