693.003/808: Telegram

The Chargé in China (Mayer) to the Secretary of State

142. Commercial attaché reports that Chinese members of the Commission for the Revision of Import Tariff Values claim [give?] present indications of putting on a 5 percent ad valorem basis any items of tariff concerning which Chinese members cannot agree to accept fixed values as offered in counterproposals of foreign delegates. Tariff schedules contain upwards of 500 items. Japanese and British delegates each offered about 100 and American delegates about 20 counterproposals to those suggested by Chinese members. Japanese show disposition to make but few concessions while British and American delegates are quite conciliatory. Should American delegate respect contention of members and accept 5 percent ad valorem basis for those items affecting American trade, concerning which Chinese are reluctant to accept American counterproposals as to fixed values?