893.00 Nanking/235: Telegram

The Minister in China (MacMurray) to the Secretary of State

Your telegram No. 99, March 20, 5 p.m.

In pursuance of the discretion accorded me, I propose not to have any officers visit Nanking at this time lest by so doing I should compromise the aloofness which has proved a definite asset in the negotiations for a settlement of the case.
My telegram No. 40, February 27, 10 a.m.12 I am directing Paxton to proceed with me to Shanghai. I request for him same per diem.
I am proceeding down river by naval vessel due at Shanghai, March 26th, and unless detained longer by the Nanking negotiations shall sail from there on or about the 31st by destroyer to Tangku.
I beg to withhold comment upon the situation in the Yangtze Valley until I shall have completed my observations at Shanghai.
  1. Not printed.