711.42157 R 72/28

The Secretary of State to the Canadian Minister (Massey)

Sir: Adverting to previous correspondence exchanged with you regarding the improvement of the drainage in the valley of the Roseau River, particularly to your note of November 1, 1927,34 and the Department’s reply thereto of December 12, 1927,35 I have the honor to inform you that I am advised by a resident of the State of Minnesota who has recently visited the Roseau River valley that dikes and a dam are under construction about two miles from the international boundary on the Canadian side of the line.

As indicated by my note of December 12, 1927, people who have made a study of the Roseau River drainage problem apprehend that if the dikes and dam, which are said to be under construction, are built extensive damage would ensue by the flooding of lands in Roseau and Kittson Counties, Minnesota.

You will recall that in my note of December 12, 1927, I renewed the suggestion that the entire problem of the improvement of the Roseau River system be referred to the International Joint Commission for investigation, report and recommendations and requested that action to carry out the present plans for the improvement of Roseau River on the Canadian side of the boundary be suspended until the International Joint Commission shall have made an investigation and report under the reference.

In view of the urgency of the matter and of its importance to a considerable number of residents of the Roseau River valley I venture to express the hope that I may be apprized at an early date of the decision of the Canadian Government regarding the proposed reference of the matter to the International Joint Commission and advised as to the status of the improvements on the Canadian side of the boundary and what the intentions of the Canadian Government with respect to the improvements are.

The Government of the United States would appreciate the cooperation of the Canadian Government to the end that the best interests of the people on both sides of the boundary may be most conveniently served.

Accept [etc.]

Frank B. Kellogg