893.00/9910: Telegram

The Minister in China (MacMurray) to the Secretary of State

295. Consulate Chefoo reports that:

There is an exodus of wealthy Chinese and families of Chinese officials;
Chamber of Commerce is taking steps to prevent fighting at Chefoo and to reduce danger of looting by guerrilla forces;
There are now present in Chefoo 251 Americans, including 10 Navy wives;
Japanese consul states that his nationals who number some three hundred will not be evacuated but that steps will be taken to protect their persons and property.

Webber also suggests that the Department approach the American Southern Baptist Mission Board at Richmond, Virginia, with a view to having that board instruct its missionaries at Laichowfu to withdraw to Chefoo. Those concerned are Dr. and Mrs. [James McF.] Gaston and Miss Cynthia A. Miller. I concur in the consul’s recommendation.