893.11/823: Telegram

The Minister in China (MacMurray) to the Secretary of State

427. 1. Following telegram has been received from Shanghai:

“The following communication dated June 2nd has been received from local Commissioner General [of] Foreign Affairs:

‘The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Nationalist Government has instructed me to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of May 18th transmitting a message from the American Minister to Minister Hwang Fu, and to request you to forward to the American Minister the following reply:

“The American Government has advised American citizens to withdraw from the theatre of hostilities and take refuge in a place of safety during the present period of military operations in China. The Nationalist Government deeply appreciates such friendly intention and satisfactory attitude on the part of the American Government, and, as Your Excellency is well aware, has done all in its power to extend adequate protection to the lives and property of foreigners residing within the territory under control of the Nationalist Government.

The Chinese people are exceedingly pleased to hear of the fair attitude adopted by the American Government and people subsequent to the recent despatch of troops by Japan to Shantung which suffices to indicate the inherent sense of justice of the American people which is worthy of the greatest admiration. The Nationalist Government is confident that there is not the least possibility of American residents of Tientsin being exposed to (untoward) incident and the commanders of the Nationalist revolutionary forces will necessarily enforce the most rigid discipline and extend full protection to the lives and property of American residents there. It is the hope of the Nationalist Government that, in accordance with the principle of international law and in keeping with the sincerity with which the American Government has hitherto respected the territorial rights of China, Your Excellency will devise means within the shortest space of time to expedite the evacuation of Tientsin by American troops since, in consummating the Northern expedition and the reunification of China as a whole, the Chinese people have long had the sympathy of the American people and the withdrawal of American troops is certainly a most important step towards the realization of such aspirations on [Page 237] our part and an evidence of the fulfillment of the traditional friendly policy of the United States Government towards China.”

It is hoped that you will kindly transmit the above. Signed, Wuntz King.’

King requests that arrangements be made for simultaneous release of text in Peking, Shanghai and Washington and I suggest that release in China be made at 12 noon on Wednesday, June 6th. Garbled resume of note was published in Sinwanpao on June 2nd and translation of same in foreign press on same day.”

2. I am telegraphing Cunningham that release in China Wednesday, noon, June 6th, is satisfactory. This corresponds with 12 p.m., June 5th, in Washington.