393.1154 Am 33/4: Telegram

The Minister in China (MacMurray) to the Secretary of State

266. Department’s mail instruction No. 794, March 3, 1928.82

Legation has received a letter, dated Shanghai, March 30th, from H. D. Rodger, requesting from the Legation “Certificate stating when the United States Government ceased to recognize the Chinese Government—either the present so-called Peking Government or the Nationalist Government at Nanking.” Rodger indicates that as attorney for the Nationalist authorities he desires to use information as evidence in proceedings in the United States Court for China against Merchants Fire Assurance Corporation of New York and the Great American Insurance Company.
Subject to the Department’s approval I intend to make following statements in reply:

“Marshal Tuan Chi-jui took office as the Chief Executive of the Provisional Government of the Chinese Republic on November 24, 1924.83 December of that year the American Government entered into de facto relations with the Provisional Government pending the establishment of a formal government representing all the provinces and parties.84 Marshal Tuan resigned on April 20, 1926,85 and the American Government has never recognized any succeeding regime as the Government of the Republic of China. Although it has continued to have dealings in particular matters as occasion has arisen with the various regimes at Peking and elsewhere in China as political entities exercising regional authority, the Legation is not in a position to furnish the above information substantiated by a certificate as requested by you.”

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