711.672/555: Telegram

The High Commissioner in Turkey (Bristol) to the Secretary of State


8. It is urgently recommended that the President immediately resubmit the Lausanne Treaty to the Senate for its reconsideration [Page 787]even though it is understood in advance that the Senate probably would not take action upon it during the present session.

It is my belief that the resubmission of the treaty would (a) probably forestall adverse action upon it by the Grand National Assembly now in committee; (b) help salvage the treaty; (c) help me to forestall the necessity of concluding an agreement to negotiate a treaty of amity; (d) strengthen my position in the general conduct of my negotiations.

It is obvious that no statement on this subject would be [apparent omission] to the Government of Turkey until resubmission to the Senate was an accomplished fact, and even then no assurances would be given regarding ratification.