838.00/2350: Telegram

The Chargé in Haiti (Gross) to the Secretary of State

65. Department’s 33, June 25.6 I again saw President Borno late yesterday. He stated that he will accede to Department’s objections to amendment 6. However, he stated that even his adversaries admit that a 4-year Presidential term is too short in disturbed countries even with two terms possible. He mentioned that the Haitian Constitution of 1879 provided 7 years and that recent Cuban arid Dominican Constitutions provide 6 years. The President states he prefers 7 years with immediate reelection to succeed self. He also mentioned that he favored amendment to article 42, reported in my 59, June 29, 8 a.m.,6 giving to the National Assembly the interpretation of Constitution.

I believe that the present situation presents especially favorable time for the President to withdraw or modify (preferably to modify) amendment number 6 which should bring him personal [praise?], perhaps stalemate his bitterest critics, and not cause embarrassment of actually withdrawing amendment once proposed. Please instruct immediately if possible.

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