891.51A/45: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Persia (Kornfeld)

54. Department’s instruction 242 August 31.12 Doctor A. C. Millspaugh Administrator General of Finances with 10 American Assistants is now en route to Persia and Doctor Edward W. Ryan is sailing shortly as Municipal expert for the city of Teheran.

Although the Department has assisted the Persian Legation in the selection of these men it must be clearly understood that it can [Page 531]assume no responsibility for their activities while in the employ of the Persian Government. The Department however takes a sympathetic interest in their work and hopes they will succeed in rendering Persia the service desired of them.

You will of course extend every protection and assistance to which they may be entitled as American citizens and if requested by Dr. Millspaugh you may transmit through the Legation written or cable communications addressed to the Department of State or officials of the Department.

Advise Department of arrival of advisors and report fully at later date in regard to the progress of their work.

  1. Not printed.