The Acting Secretary of State to the Persian Minister (Alaï)

Sir: In acknowledging the receipt of your note of August 15th, 1922,12 courteously submitting to the Department copies in duplicate of the contract signed by Dr. A. C. Millspaugh as Administrator General of the Finances of Persia, the Department takes occasion to communicate to you the names of a number of Americans who are recommended by Dr. Millspaugh as suitable persons for the various positions in the Persian Financial Administration which you have indicated in previous correspondence:

Expert for direct taxation Mr. C. C. Early
Expert for indirect taxation Mr. Charles I. McCaskey
Expert for accounting and auditing Mr. Frank H. Gore
Expert for banking and currency Mr. Ernest L. Bogart
Provincial directors of finance Mr. Adam R. Gard
Capt. D. W. MacCormack
Capt. Joel R. Moore
Mr. T. C. Mitchell

I am also enclosing for your information a brief statement prepared by Dr. Millspaugh12 describing the work and qualifications of the persons whose names have been given above. You will appreciate that in submitting this list the Department does not assume responsibility for the persons suggested by Dr. Millspaugh.

Accept [etc.]

William Phillips
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