882.6176 F 51/231

Mr. Harvey S. Firestone, Jr., to the Assistant Secretary of State (Castle)

Dear Sir: In behalf of Firestone Plantations Company, I have the honor to present you herewith, copy of an Agreement entered into between this Company and the Government of the Republic of Liberia dated October 2, 1926 and approved by the Legislature of the Republic of Liberia on November 10, 1926.8

We have endeavored to keep your Department fully advised during the progress of negotiations looking to the consummation of this Agreement. We hand you a copy thereof to complete your file.

We beg to direct your attention to Paragraph (n) of this Agreement providing means of arbitration between the parties. You will note therein provision for the use of the good offices of the Department of State of the United States in the matter of arbitration.

We would deeply appreciate an expression of the Department’s approval of the provision and of its willingness to act when called on in the matter of arbitration as therein provided.

Respectfully yours,

Firestone Plantations Company
Harvey S. Firestone, Jr.

Vice President
  1. For text of this agreement, see Foreign Relations, 1926, vol. ii, p. 561.↩