882.6176 F 51/236

Mr. Harvey S. Firestone, Jr., to the Liberian Secretary of State (Barclay)6

Sir: I have the honor to transmit herewith Agreement Number Two between the Government of the Republic of Liberia and Firestone Plantations Company,7 executed for the Government by Edwin Barclay, Secretary of State and now executed for Firestone Plantations Company by Mr. Harvey S. Firestone and Mr. Harvey S. Firestone, Jr.

The delivery to you of this executed Agreement marks the conclusion of the first great step in the development by us of large rubber producing areas in the Republic of Liberia. For the past several years the Liberian Government and ourselves have tried to gain a knowledge of the practical problems of the other and, as a result, we now jointly have concluded this Agreement which satisfactorily observes our mutual interests and provides a sound foundation on which to build.

In building on this foundation for the years to come, each of us, of course, realizes that problems may arise which it has been impossible to anticipate and specifically provide for in this Agreement. However, we are confident that through mutual cooperation so firm a relationship of understanding and common purpose will be established that these problems will be harmoniously and speedily settled for the best interests of both.

I wish to take this opportunity of expressing our appreciation of the fine cooperation which we have been and are receiving from the Liberian Government and of emphasizing how vital it is to the success which we mutually are so desirous of attaining.

We have very pleasant memories of the personal courtesies extended to us and again offer our appreciative thanks.

With renewed expressions [etc.]

Harvey S. Firestone, Jr.
Vice President
  1. Copy transmitted to Henry Carter of the Division of Western European Affairs, Department of State, by Harvey S. Firestone, Jr., under covering letter of the same date; received Mar. 24.
  2. For text of the agreement, see the Liberian Legislature’s act of ratification of Nov. 10, 1926, Foreign Relations, 1926, vol. ii, p. 561.