462.00 R 294/577

The Unofficial Representative on the Reparation Commission (Hill) to the Secretary of State

Sir: In compliance with the instructions contained in Department’s telegram No. H–116 of January 31st,9 which was not received until the morning of February 1st, I have today signed the Agreement regulating the amounts to be allocated out of the Annuities of the Experts’ Plan for the Armies of Occupation, the Rhineland High Commission and the Military Commission of Control.

It will be observed that the representatives of all the countries interested, save Poland and Brazil, have signed the Agreement.10 The French Delegation has advised me that the failure of the latter two to sign is due to their absence from Paris and that they have been authorized to sign upon their return.

For the files of the Department, I am enclosing copies made in this office of the English text of the Agreement as signed.11 As soon as official copies of the signed Agreement have been circulated they will be transmitted to the Department.

I am [etc.]

Ralph W. S. Hill
  1. Supra.
  2. The representative of the Polish Government had not yet signed the agreement when the official text printed infra was transmitted to the Department.
  3. Not printed; see official text, infra.