883.6363/25: Telegram

The Minister in Egypt ( Howell ) to the Secretary of State

7. Your telegram No. 4, February 4th [3rd]. Investigation discloses no direct action upon part of British and Belgian colleagues.27 Latter favorable to joint action. British considering what steps if any should be taken. They seemed impressed with the irregularities pointed out and indicated arguments to be used in justice to companies complying with the law and danger to plants operated by these companies. It is believed floating storage with little investment has caused petroleum products to be sold at a lower figure than would otherwise obtain. Recommend that no further action be taken until the British reply to my memorandum left with the High Commissioner.28

  1. In his telegram No. 8, Feb. 25, 1927, 9 a.m. (file No. 883.6363/27), the Minister stated: “Belgian colleague represents Roumanian interests”.
  2. Copy not found in Department files.