The Minister in Egypt (Howell) to the Secretary of State

No. 980

Sir: Referring to the Department’s Instruction No. 306, of January 22, 1927, as well as to its cable instruction No. 8, of March 11, 1927, 5 p.m., with regard to the question of the applicability to the mixed court judiciary of the principle of equal representation amongst the powers, I have the honor to state that to-day I discussed the questions at issue with regard to the subject noted above, paragraph by paragraph, with the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Saroit Pasha.

In the course of this discussion I took particular exception to the closing paragraph of the Egyptian Government’s Note of May 16th, last. This discussion lasted for more than three-quarters of an hour, at the close of which the Minister for Foreign Affairs stated that he understood thoroughly our position and would take up, in due [Page 567] time, with the Minister of Justice, all the points raised by me during our conversation, and that so soon as he could get all the facts he would reply.17

I have [etc.]

J. Morton Howell
  1. For a memorandum of this interview, see p. 569.