894.51 So 8/18: Telegram

Mr. Frank W. Lee, Representative of the Chinese Nationalist Government, to the Secretary of State

I have received the following cable for transmission:

“Chinese people have heard with alarm the imminent flotation of South Manchuria Railway loan in America and apparent acquiescence of the American Government. It is well known to the world and to none better than the American Government that that railway is not a mere industrial enterprise but the symbol and instrument of alien domination over a large and rich portion of Chinese territory. Japan sought to prolong that domination by nature of the notorious Twenty-One Demands.58 If America, which repeatedly demonstrated its sympathy with China in connection with those demands, were now to lend means to strengthen that domination, Chinese people would be at a loss to understand the fundamental change of attitude on the part of the American Government. The Nationalist Government feels confident the American Government will not permit consummation [Page 491] of this loan and depart from its traditional policy which has been instrumental in promoting cordial friendship between Chinese and American people. Chao Chu-wu, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nanking, December 1st.”

Frank W. Lee