893.51/5019: Telegram

The Minister in China ( MacMurray ) to the Secretary of State

156. My 139, February 14, 5 p.m.

Mr. Kishimoto,20 Commissioner of Customs at Dalny, arrived in Peking last evening to take up his duties as chief secretary of the Customs. This is a personal appointment by Edwardes after a conversation with and concurrence of British and Japanese Legations.
Edwardes told counsellor21 that he had felt for a long time wisdom of the appointment of a Japanese as “number 2” in the Customs. He believes this to be not only just but probably the best move that could be made to try and save the organization from immediate disruption.
Aglen has addressed a personal letter to Eugene Ch’en soliciting him to acquiesce in Edwardes’ acceptance of office. No reply has thus far been received to this, and the matter is therefore not yet stabilized.
  1. H. Kishimoto.
  2. Ferdinand L. Mayer, U. S. counselor of Legation in China.