893.51/5009: Telegram

The Minister in China ( MacMurray ) to the Secretary of State

104. 1. Presidential mandate under date of January 31st13 dismiss[ed] Sir Francis Aglen from office of Inspector General of Customs, appoint[ed] A. H. F. Edwardes Acting Inspector General of Customs, accept[ed] Ts’ai T’ing-kan’s resignation as Director General of [Page 458] Revenue Council and specially appoint[ed] Lo Wen-kan as concurrently Acting Director General of Revenue Council.

2. Presidential instruction number 1, issued under same date to Minister of Finance and new Director General of Revenue, states that Aglen has been dismissed and replaced by Edwardes who has been directed to act as Inspector General of Customs in carrying out the duties of the office. All loans and indemnities secured on customs shall be handled as before in accordance with original treaties and contracts. Matters connected with payment of principal of domestic bonds as have in the past been entrusted by Government to the care of Aglen shall continue to be handled in accordance with original records by Edwardes. Minister of Finance and Revenue Council shall accordingly issue appropriate orders obedient to this instruction and shall inform Chinese and foreign business people and nationals that they may reflect on the worthy intention of the Government to recognize Customs matters and maintain the national credit and that they may not harbor unwarranted suspicion of the constitutional guarantees and anxiety.

  1. Not printed.