893.00/8021: Telegram

The Minister in China (MacMurray) to the Secretary of State

18. Following from Hankow:

“January 6, 6 p.m. Situation considerably relieved today but there still exists much confusion and uncertainty. About sixty American and British women and children evacuated from the consulate general today and are now on board Kutwo of the United States Navy. Three ships sailed last night loaded to capacity and but few foreigners of any nationality remain in the British Concession. [Page 238] Chinese authorities are endeavoring to preserve order in the Concession and appear to have succeeded fairly well during the day although there have been but few foreigners moving about the Concession. Business is at a complete standstill and all British firms in the special administrative district are closed.

Women and children of American community generally took advantage of facilities placed at their disposal yesterday and today to leave. The remaining American women and children in the port have their belongings packed [apparent omission] in case situation demands cruiser. At a meeting of representative businessmen with Eugene Ch’en89 this afternoon at a conference lasting two hours which I arranged, Ch’en deplored the leaving of foreigners, especially Americans, from the port and said that every precaution would be taken protect foreign lives and property here. He seems confident that the situation will improve, and that the worst is over. Some women and children belonging to mission families have left but a considerable number remain.”

  1. Minister for Foreign Affairs in the Nationalist Government at Hankow.