393.11/502: Telegram

The Minister in China ( MacMurray ) to the Secretary of State

266. Following is substance of radiogram, dated March 26, just received from Consul Davis:

Except for five representatives of firms and two missionaries who have remained at Nanking, all Americans there save Dr. Williams, who was killed, have been safely evacuated and have been or are being sent to Shanghai.
From sworn statements from many American citizens conclusively proven: First, that the bombardment on 24th saved many lives, including British consul general, and much property; second, that outrages were organized and evidently prearranged; third, that there was propaganda—propaganda was against all foreigners.
Firmly convinced that outrages such as took place at Nanking will be repeated shortly elsewhere and all foreigners forced to leave Yangtze Valley unless immediate and very strong steps are taken at Nanking.”

Repeated to Tokyo.