The Minister in Paraguay (Kreeck) to the Secretary of State

No. 245

Sir: With reference to the possible submission of the Paraguayan-Bolivian boundary question to the Government of Argentina, reported in this Mission’s despatch No. 238, dated February 3, 1927,48 I have the honor to report as follows.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs offers the information that this morning he received a telegram from the Paraguayan Minister of Hacienda, Dr. Manuel Benítez, now in Buenos Aires, stating that Bolivia had accepted the good offices of Argentina.

He further stated that, under the circumstances, Paraguay would not submit to the United States the note of which he had previously spoken, and of which the Department was informed in this Legation’s telegram No. 15 and its despatch No. 203, both of December 7, 1926.49 At least, not at this time. He is doubtful if Bolivian representatives will appear when the time is set for conference, as upon two former occasions they failed to attend at the agreed time and place.

It is possible, however, he said, that Bolivia might make a pretense of desiring the solution of the question, inasmuch as he had been advised that the Bolivian Minister of Foreign Affairs had stated that he would confer with the Argentine Chancellory during the first week in March.

If the question can be settled by the good offices of Argentina, all well and good, but if from any cause failure should result, Paraguay [Page 316] will immediately ask the United States to solve the difficulty. It is the Minister’s opinion that this will be the outcome in the end.

I have [etc.]

Geo. L. Kreeck
  1. Not printed.
  2. Telegram No. 15 not printed; despatch No. 203 printed in Foreign Relations, 1926, vol. i, p. 533.