Treaty Series No. 763

Additional Protocol Between the United States of America and Other American Republics, Signed at Lima, October 19, 1927 43

The Presidents of the Argentine Republic, Bolivia, the United States of Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, the United States of America, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Uruguay and the United States of Venezuela, desirous of adding to the Sanitary Convention signed at Habana on November 14, 1924, have appointed as their plenipotentiaries, to wit:

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Argentine Republic: Dr. Laurentino Olascoaga
Dr. Nicolás Lozano
Dr. Alfredo Sordelli
Bolivia: Dr. Adolfo Flores
Dr. Adolfo Durán
United States of Brazil: Dr. João Pedro de Albuquerque
Dr. Bento Oswaldo Cruz
Colombia: Dr. Julio Aparicio
Costa Rica: Dr. Solón Núñez F.
Mr. Jaime G. Bennett
Cuba: Dr. Fernando Rensoli
Dr. Mario G. Lebredo
Ecuador: Dr. Luis M. Cueva
United States of America: Dr. Huph S. Cumming
Dr. Bolivar J. Lloyd
Dr. John D. Long
Guatemala: Mr. Pablo Emilio Guedes
Haiti: Mr. Víctor Kieffer Marchand
Dr. Guillermo Angulo P. A.
Honduras: Dr. José Jorge Callejas
Nicaragua: Mr. Julio C. Gastiaburú
Panama: Dr. José Guillermo Lewis
Paraguay: Dr. Isidro Ramirez
Peru: Dr. Carlos Enrique Paz Soldán
Dr. Sebastián Lorente
Dr. Baltazar Caravedo
Dr. Daniel E. Lavorería
Dr. Julio C. Gastiaburú
Dominican Republic: Dr. Ramón Baez Soler
Dr. Aleiandro Bussalleu
Uruguay: Dr. Justo F. Gonzalez
United States of Venezuela: Dr. Emilio Ochoa

Who, after communicating to one another their full powers and finding them in due form, have agreed to adopt, ad referendum, the following:

additional protocol to the pan american sanitary code

The ratification[s] of the Pan American Sanitary Code shall be deposited in the Office of the Secretary of State of the Republic of Cuba and the Cuban Government shall communicate these ratifications to the other signatory States, which communication shall constitute exchange of ratifications. The Convention shall become effective in each of the signatory States on the date of ratification thereof by said State, and shall remain in force without limitation of time, each one of the signatory or adherent States reserving the right to withdraw from the Convention by giving in due form a year’s notice in advance to the Government of the Republic of Cuba.

  • For the Argentine Republic:
    • Laurentino Olascoaga
    • Nicolás Lozano
    • A. Sordelli
  • For Bolivia:
    • A. Flores
    • Adolfo F. Durán
  • For the United States of Brazil:
    • João Pedro de Albuquerque
    • Bento Oswaldo Cruz
  • For Colombia:
    • Julio Aparicio
  • For Costa Rica:
    • Solón Núñez
    • Jaime G. Bennett
  • For Cuba:
    • D. F. Rensoli
    • Dr. Mario G. Lebredo
  • For Ecuador:
    • Luis M. Cueva
  • For the United States of America:
    • Hugh S. Cumming
    • Bolivar J. Lloyd
    • John D. Long
  • For Guatemala:
    • Pablo Emilio Guedes
  • For Haiti:
    • V. Kiefer Marchand
    • Gmo. Angulo P. A.
  • For Honduras:
    • José J. Callejas
  • For Nicaragua:
    • J. C. Gastiaburú
  • For Panama:
    • José G. Lewis
  • For Paraguay:
    • Isidro Ramirez
  • For Peru:
    • Carlos Enrique Paz Soldán
    • Sebastián Lorente
    • Baltazar Caravedo
    • D. E. Lavorería
    • J. C. Gastiaburú
  • For Dominican Republic:
    • E. Baez Soler
    • A. Bussalleu
  • For Uruguay:
    • Justo F. Gonzalez
  • For the United States of Venezuela:
    • E. Ochoa
  1. Signed in Spanish; the translation printed in the Department of State Treaty Series is reproduced here. Ratification advised by the Senate, Feb. 24, 1928; ratified by the President, Mar. 14, 1928; ratification of the United States deposited with the Government of Peru, July 3, 1928; proclaimed by the President, July 5, 1928.