560.M2/49: Telegram

The Chief of the American Delegation (Wilson) to the Secretary of State

15. The rapporteurs of group 1 reported out this afternoon the following draft on article l:19

“Subject to the exceptions provided for in the following articles of [and?] the protocol, each of the high contracting parties undertakes, within a period of six months from the date on which the present convention enters into force as far as it is concerned, to abolish all import and export prohibitions and restrictions, and not thereafter to impose any such prohibitions or restrictions; during this period the high contracting parties shall adopt all practicable measures to reduce existing prohibitions and restrictions to a minimum, and shall refrain from imposing any fresh ones.

The high contracting parties further undertake to adopt all possible necessary measures to see that the provisions of the present agreement are strictly observed by a central or local government, and that no regulation is issued in contravention thereof.

The provisions of the present convention refer to all prohibitions and restrictions on the importation into any of the territories of the high contracting parties of goods produced or manufactured in the territories of any other high contracting party, and the [Page 278] exportation of goods from any of the territories of the said parties to the territories of any other high contracting party. The territories here referred to are those to which the convention applies in virtue of article (blank).”

  1. For certain variations from the draft text of article 1 as here printed, see the text reported to the Conference by committee A (group 1), Proceedings of the Conference, p. 161.