550.M1/58b: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Switzerland (Marriner)

11. On February 5 President sent a message to Congress recommending that appropriation of $15,000 be authorized to cover expenses of American participation in appointment of members of Economic Conference. He stated in part as follows:

“I consider it important that the Government of the United States participate in the appointment of members of this conference, not only [Page 239] in order that this Government may be adequately informed of discussions in their relation to American interests but also in order that the American point of view may be duly presented and in the hope of contributing to the development of sound economic foundations of friendly intercourse and prosperity. The United States is taking its part in study of the problem of arms limitation at the invitation of the League of Nations. This country should also stand ready to aid in the study of means to promote economic progress.

This is not the occasion to discuss specific problems outlined in the agenda. It is sufficient to note that the conference contemplates an inquiry into important problems affecting American interests. This Government will have the benefit of its deliberations, but will not be bound by its results.”

Mail text of the foregoing to Embassies London, Paris, Berlin, Rome and Brussels.