500.A15/483: Telegram

The Chief of the American Representation on the Preparatory Commission ( Gibson ) to the Secretary of State


227. I have been informed that instructions to state that the French proposal is quite unacceptable have been received by Cecil today. Unless and until some agreement is reached on naval matter, Boncour holds that it is futile to continue discussion of the other phases of the draft convention under consideration.

In strict confidence I was told this afternoon by Loudon, chairman of the Commission, that he believes these facts will be announced to the Commission tomorrow during the morning session. It is believed that the French and British will recognize each other’s honest effort towards compromise and will come to an agreement that the best course to pursue will be to adjourn immediately, in order to give the Governments time to negotiate some form of agreement, in the hope that it may be possible sometime in June to reconvene the Preparatory Commission. The belief is held by Loudon that every effort will be made on both sides to leave the door open for eventual compromise and he seems confident that there will be no recriminations.