500.A15/449: Telegram

The Chief of the American Representation on the Preparatory Commission ( Gibson ) to the Secretary of State


196. Reference is made to my No. 194, March 23, midnight. The idea of a double convention similar to the one I outlined to the Department has suggested itself to some of my colleagues who were most anxious to broach the subject this morning. To prevent this, I suggested that such a proposal would be premature and that it would be embarrassing to me if presented before my Government had had an opportunity to examine the drafts which had been submitted, for consideration. It is apparent that most of the value of this contribution would be lost to us if before I can present the matter it is even hinted at by others. I would, therefore, request that you let me have your decision regarding my suggestion at the earliest possible moment in order to minimize the risk of losing the initiative in the matter.

I am firmly convinced that our position now and in the future would be greatly strengthened if the suggestion which I have outlined were adopted.