500.A15 a 1/77: Telegram

The Ambassador in Great Britain ( Houghton ) to the Secretary of State


57. The following is authoritative, but is not yet to be made public. On assembling of Preparatory Commission on March 21, Cecil24 has been authorized to lay before it a draft convention which embodies following plan: The high contracting parties are to bring their proposals on strength in land, sea, and air forces before the final Conference, and appropriate subcommittees are to consider these proposals separately. That this plan is squarely opposed to French idea of interdependence of arms is recognized, but it is conceded to Cecil so that League may have all possible opportunity to reach practical result through the Preparatory Commission. Admiralty believes that Cecil’s draft convention will not be acceptable and that impasse will be reached before Easter holidays. At all events, no great time will be permitted for discussion. The Admiralty expect that the Three-Power Naval Conference will meet in June.25

  1. Viscount Cecil of Chelwood, British delegate on the Commission.
  2. See pp. 1 ff.