500.C114/474: Telegram

The Consul at Geneva ( Tuck ) to the Secretary of State

On suggestion of Chamberlain13 the question of United States participation in Permanent Court was placed on Council’s agenda this afternoon and that body adopted his proposal, relating to the consideration of our Government’s reservations, which contains the suggestion that a reply should be made by all governments which have received copy of Senate resolution of March 5, 1925,14 stressing the difficulty of proceeding by way of a mere exchange of notes and the real need of a general agreement.

Adopted proposal also contains suggestion that an invitation might be addressed by Council to all these governments and to the United States to appoint a delegate to participate in the discussion of reservations and in the framing of a “new agreement” at a meeting to be held in Geneva on September 1, 1926.

The general opinion prevails here that Chamberlain’s proposal was made only after he had received assurance from the British Ambassador in Washington that such a course would meet with our Government’s approval.

  1. Sir Austen Chamberlain, British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and representative on the Council of the League of Nations.
  2. Senate Resolution No. 5, adopted, with modifications, Jan. 27, 1926, printed ante, p. 1.