Memorandum by the Chief of the Division of Far Eastern Affairs (Johnson)

The Japanese Ambassador called on me at 3 o’clock today and referred to a conversation which he had had with the Secretary of State on September 25, at which time the Secretary had stated that he hoped to make some reply to the Japanese Embassy’s note of June 1, 1925, in regard to the question of the Federal Wireless contract [Page 1081] with China. I told the Ambassador that I hoped that within two or three days we would be able to make a reply. He stated that he hoped that our reply would be favorable. He said that when he left Tokyo he had been told by his Government that it looked upon the Federal Wireless question as one of great importance second only to the immigration question and that he had been instructed to make every effort to find some way whereby this question might be settled in a manner acceptable to both sides. He stated that he had now been in Washington for more than a year and that he was very disappointed that he had been unable to accomplish anything in this matter.

N[elson] T. J[ohnson]