500.A4d/131: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in China ( MacMurray )

53. Department’s No. 46, February 23, 4 [7] P.M. and your No. 91, February 25, 3 P.M. On February 27, the Chinese Minister called and stated that he had received a telegram from his Government disapproving his proposal to withdraw the Chinese Government’s notes on the question of adherence to the Nine Power Treaty on principles and policies concerning China. A reply to the Minister’s note of January 22 was delivered on March 1. In order that you may address an identical communication to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in reply to its memorandum of January 16, which you refer to in your No. 38, January 21, 11 A.M.9 the text of the Department’s note is quoted as follows:

[Here follows the text of the note of March 1 to the Chinese Minister, printed on page 1018.]

The memorandum enclosed with this note is summarized as follows: The Department stated that Germany, Switzerland, Chile, Persia, Bolivia and Peru all fall within the category of countries to which the United States was obligated by Article VIII of the Treaty to send invitations to adhere, as each of these countries had on August 5, 1925, the date on which the Treaty went into effect, governments recognized by the Signatory Powers and at the same time had treaty relations with China. To save expense text of memorandum will not be telegraphed unless you consider it especially desirable to do so. Text follows by pouch.

  1. Not printed.