500.A4d/114: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in China (MacMurray)

29. Your 43, January 23, 11 a.m.

I approve of statement but suggest that you consider whether it would not be better to omit last sentence which if used I feel might serve only to lend color to any patriotic appeal that the foreign minister might make to Chinese nationalist opinion.
Chinese Minister has presented note dated 22nd requesting withdrawal of invitations sent to Switzerland, Chile and Persia on same ground as Germany, namely, that adherence by these countries was not contemplated by the treaty as they like Germany have “concluded treaties of equality and reciprocity with China.” Objection to adherence of Bolivia is based on statement that Chinese Bolivian Treaty having become effective only on exchange of ratification on December 17, 1924, the treaty had “not come into force at the time of the Conference.” Note states that Peru need not be invited as it is now negotiating a new treaty with China and stands on same footing as Mexico. Reply is being drafted and will be telegraphed.