The Chinese Minister ( Sze ) to the Secretary of State

Sir: I have the honor to inform you that I am instructed by my Government to communicate to you for your information and consideration a memorandum, which is herewith enclosed, embodying the views of my Government with respect to the adherence by non-signatory powers to the Nine-Power Treaty signed at Washington on February 6, 1922.

Accept [etc.]

Sao-Ke Alfred Sze


In connection with the oral exchange of views regarding the adherence to the Nine-Power Treaty by non-signatory powers upon the invitation of the American Government, it may be recalled that objection was duly raised by the Chinese Government against the adherence by Germany on the ground that Germany’s adherence was not contemplated by the Treaty. Switzerland, Chile and Persia, besides Germany, which stand[s] on the same footing as these three countries have concluded treaties of equality and reciprocity with China. As to Bolivia, it is provided in the treaty of friendship between China and Bolivia that the treaty shall come into force after the exchange of ratifications. Now the ratifications were exchanged on December 17, 1924, and the treaty therefore had not yet come into force at the time of the Washington Conference. Its provisions can not possibly have anything to do with the “treaty relations”. Peru is now negotiating a new treaty with China, and need not be invited to adhere standing as it does on the same footing with Mexico in this respect.

The Chinese Government suggests that the invitations sent to the five powers above mentioned, namely, Switzerland, Chile, Persia, Bolivia and Peru, to adhere to the Nine-Power Treaty be recalled.