755.93/33: Telegram

The Ambassador in Belgium (Phillips) to the Secretary of State

80. My 77, November 6, 1 p.m. Chinese Minister here submitted memorandum to the Foreign Office yesterday refusing to agree to submission of abrogation of the treaty of 1865 to the Court of International Justice at The Hague. Foreign Office is preparing to submit it to The Hague without acquiescence of China.92

  1. The Belgian Chargé d’Affaires at The Hague, by a note dated Nov. 25, 1926, submitted to the Permanent Court of International Justice the question of the Chinese abrogation of the Sino-Belgian treaty of 1865. The Belgian Government on Feb. 14, 1929, requested that this case be struck from the Court’s list of cases, as the matter had been settled by a preliminary treaty between Belgium and China, signed Nov. 22, 1928.