755.93/30: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in China ( MacMurray )

267. Tour 544, November 12, 5 p.m. Action mentioned in Paragraph 2 is approved by Department. Department does not understand purpose of suggestion in Paragraph 3 to the effect that the Secretary intimate that this Government has no sympathy “with the Chinese in the doctrine of international irresponsibility which has stood in the way of our recognition of the Russian regime.” There would seem to be danger here of the possibility of confusing this Government’s policy vis-à-vis China with the policy which it has pursued vis-à-vis the present Russian regime. The advisability of making such an intimation at this time to an irresponsible and uncontrolled regime at Peking, which may in the near future be superseded by one even more radically inclined, might furnish the very occasion for discussing with this Government the question of its treaty relations suggested in the last sentence of Paragraph 1 of your telegram. Department would prefer that this question be raised by China in its own way, leaving this Government free to accept or reject the proposal as the occasion may require. It is the more persuaded that the matter should be left alone for the time being in view of the reply made by the Japanese Government to the Chinese Government’s note of October 20, 1926,87 quoted in your 545, November 12, 6 p.m.88

With reference to Reuter message quoted in Paragraph 4 of your telegram, this would appear to be a speculation of London Times correspondent based on statement made to press correspondents on Monday, November 8, 1926, to the effect that the Secretary did not know of any reason why this Government should support the Belgian Government in any protest against the denunciation by China of its treaty with Belgium.

  1. Substance of Chinese and Japanese notes given in footnote 77, p. 986.
  2. Not printed.