893.512/403: Telegram

The Chargé in China (Mayer) to the Secretary of State


451. My telegram 449, October 2 [3], 7 p.m.

A telegram has been received by the Japanese Legation from its Government to the general effect that it is in opposition to the new taxes being imposed and believes that a conference of the Washington Conference powers is advisable. How far the Japanese desire to go in opposing the new taxes is not indicated.
The British Minister gave me a promise to apprise me of his Government’s attitude when he was informed of it, but so far no word has come from him. The cause of this may be … that he has not received instructions.
Although in a forceful opposition to the new taxes proposed it would be desirable to have France and Italy eventually participate [Page 871] in any action at Canton, yet I greatly favor from a practical standpoint a preliminary agreement among Japan, Great Britain, and ourselves.