500.A15/187: Telegram

The Chargé in Switzerland (Winslow) to the Secretary of State

75 [73]. Reference to paragraph numbered 2, my telegram number 66, March 18, 7 p.m. Drummond has explained to me that the American citizen to be appointed by the President of the Council to sit with the Joint Commission for the purpose and duration of the Preparatory Disarmament Conference cannot be a member of the American delegation since no member of the Joint Commission may be a government representative.

While no invitations have been extended as yet to any American citizen to sit with the Joint Commission, consideration is being given to the choice of (1) Owen Young, in spite of his recent refusal to attend forthcoming Economic Conference on April 26th,71 (2) Adams, who will represent United States Chamber of Commerce at Double Taxation Conference on May 17th,72 and (3) David F. Houston, ex-Cabinet member.

  1. The Preparatory Committee for the International Economic Conference; the members were not representatives of governments, but persons chosen as experts.
  2. The Government of the United States was not represented officially.