893.01/253: Telegram

The Minister in China ( MacMurray ) to the Secretary of State

28. 1. “Regent Cabinet” recognized day before yesterday as follows:

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Acting Premier, Koo; Interior, Hu Wei-teh; War, Chang Ching-hui; Finance, Tang Erh-ho; Communications, P’an Fu; others as in previous Cabinet.

2. Although dominated by the influence of Chang Tso-lin, this Cabinet includes none of his immediate adherents. It is a mere transitory makeshift until such time as he feels it expedient to substitute a cabinet of his own Fengtien party men.

3. In the absence of such instructions as I requested in fifth paragraph of my telegram 625, December 18, 11 a.m., I have assumed, with Chang himself and with his various representatives who have called upon me, the attitude that we have no prepossessions as to who should govern China, and that while earnestly hoping for some administration that will be representative of the Chinese people and willing and able to exercise authority throughout the country and live up to its international obligations, we nevertheless want to rely upon realities rather than upon hopes or vague assurances without performance. Now that a new cabinet is seriously announcing itself and doubtless intending to make some bid for international recognition, I trust I may receive an indication of your views.